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Aegis - employed physician
Complete Management Services

Aegis offers a complete suite of management services for all practice types and sizes. Our process and technology implementation strategies are specifically designed to meet deadlines and produce results.

Operational, Technical and Financial Consulting

Aegis helps our clients formulate a solid business and technology plan with an emphasis on seamless integration of software solutions and professional services between hospitals and clinics. We have an in-house development team that provides custom built software applications geared to your specific business requirements. With years of experience in HealthCare Organizations, Aegis Business Services can assist in developing business plans and financial strategies for your business.

Aegis has specialized in supporting hospitals, hospital owned clinics, and independently operated clinics with strategic planning and turnaround initiatives. Many clinics in rural markets are struggling with their business, and hospitals are looking to support these clinics through a number of different methods. Aegis has successfully completed several projects in conjunction with community hospitals to develop business strategies that include the creation of Management Service Organizations (MSO) and support those MSO’s with clinic acquisitions.

Aegis has packaged a comprehensive set of solutions supporting our management services. This integrated solution creates the maximum economic benefit for physicians by bringing an entirely innovative business infrastructure to address all of the major elements that impact a practice’s income. Since Aegis provides revenue cycle services that go well beyond those of a traditional billing company, we are able to improve the collection rate and cash flow of the practice, the ultimate measures of financial health for physicians. The Aegis solution provides quick financial wins as well as substantial long term financial improvements.

Aegis has on staff a coding team with CPC and CHCA credentials. We have developed our own technology to input and audit the scanning, coding, and charge entry process supporting a complete reconciliation and compliant coding process.

For many practices, the cost and complexity of the business side of medicine has become overwhelming. Payer contracting, credentialing, Revenue Cycle Management, and reporting are the financial lifeblood of a practice. However, managing the performance of these functions requires more time and expertise than physicians typically have to offer. Aegis has built a team of highly experienced and talented resources located across the country. We can provide MSO’s and clinics with qualified resources to act as interim administrators to assist with detailed and transitional activity required to complete aggressive system implementation and/or turnaround initiatives.

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Aegis - employed physician
Aegis - employed physician Aegis - employed physician Aegis - employed physician