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Aegis - employed physician
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Aegis Business Services employs a team of experienced technology, administrative, and billing professionals focused solely on the goals and objectives of today’s physician practices and hospital clinics.

Experience & Technology

Aegis helps physician practices attain their goals related to efficiency, profitability, and compliance.    Learn More
Aegis - Experience and Technology
What our clients are saying:

“With Aegis’ implementation plan, all clinics were fully transitioned to our new system in only 45 days.”
“Setting up and testing system configuration information prior to go-live enabled us to have a virtually flawless roll-out with Aegis. Dividing up the clinics allowed us to have an expert on-site at every clinic.”
“Records were broken everywhere! I am proud to work with such a diligent team at Aegis that is committed to excellence. We are currently sitting for the fiscal year at 105% cash-to-net which is wonderful.”
“Aegis’ Patient Communications System has streamlined our self-pay capturing process, significantly improved our “window” of cash return, and allows our FTE’s more time to focus on internal core competencies."
“Aegis’ Patient Communications System was able to capture over $46,000 in the first weeks of processing our accounts. It paid for itself within the first two weeks of going live on the system!”
“Aegis has allowed our practice to restructure and increase our cash flow by over 40%.”
“I was also very pleased with the implementation of Aegis and would recommend it to any physician group practice that is looking to efficiently and effectively capture charges.”
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Aegis - employed physician
Aegis - employed physician Aegis - employed physician Aegis - employed physician